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An air-conditioner is a blessing on those warm summer days where the mercury bursts into the 100+ range. However, ACs need maintenance and repairs to keep them working.
Eventually, all models and units pack-up and require replacement. Here are five signs you need a new AC unit.

1. It Feels Humid in Your Home

When your AC unit’s internal components stop working, it causes an increase in the relative humidity inside your home. You might feel the air circulating, but it feels warm and moist.

2. You Notice Mold or Mildew

As the AC packs up, it loses its efficiency at removing particles from the air while increasing the humidity in your home. This situation creates prime conditions for the spread of black mold spores around your home.

3. The Air Smells Stale

If you notice the air smells stuffy or stake around your home, it’s a sign of mold spores in the air. When your AC packs up, it stops removing the spores from the air while increasing the humidity in your home. The mold spores have a stuffy and stale smell, and they’re dangerous to breathe.

4. Your AC is Making a Noise

If your AC is making a rumbling or clanking noise, it could be due to several issues. However, it’s also a sign that you could use a replacement.

5. Cooling Costs are Increasing

As your AC unit ages, it loses its Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). As a result, the unit can lose up to 9% of its efficiency, increasing seasonal energy costs.