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Your AC unit needs to be running at optimal performance. Otherwise, you run the risk of having days in the scorching summer without any temperature control. Fortunately, we have some great tips to identify issues early. Here are some of the most common damages our experts have seen in AC units like yours.


Common AC Unit Damage


Clogged Air Filter

When you live in a windy area or one with heavy debris in the air (leaves, brush, etc.), your AC unit will collect that sometimes. It’s important to clean the air filter when you can. Additionally, you can check the unit for any damage that may be causing other issues.

Moisture Overflow

Depending on your climate, moisture overflow could sprout up as frozen or melted water overflow. You’ll see both cause water damage and even contribute to mold damage. Take note of this as quickly as you can and seek out action for quick repairs.


If your AC unit is overheating, the room’s temperature control will never be just right. Luckily, we can help you with all of these issues.

Give us a call today at Sines and Sons Heating & Cooling. We’ll assess your unit firsthand, and give you quick solutions to repair your system, getting it back up to maximum efficiency. We’re looking forward to speaking to you!