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When your heating unit isn’t running properly, you’ll see variability on the thermostat. Some days it may feel a lot hotter than it really is, or others colder. You’ll need to assess the system as a whole to identify what the issue is. Here are a few key tips to be aware of, as well as common problems.


Issues with temperature sensor


The sensor within a thermostat system takes a great deal of work to replace. Rather than going straight for a replacement, it’s recommended that you at least give a few of these simple fixes a try.


Cleaning the sensor unit – Cleaning out the unit is a great first step. If you are able to find a smaller, more precise tool to clean out the sensor for accurate reading, you’ll often see higher temperature accuracy. Additionally, taking out pieces carefully and replacing them after cleaning will take extra caution on your end.


Recalibration – Calibration takes a bit more advanced work for you to complete on your own. For the majority, it’s best to seek out professional assistance and get this running up to speed.


For any questions you may have on how to proceed, give us a call today. We’ll assess your unit and give you the best course of action moving forward.